COULISS’UP Evo – Sliding 5G antenna support


sliding 5G antenna support

The Couliss’up EVO is a sliding 5G antenna support, wich facilitates the installation and maintenance of antennas. It is composed of an aluminium profile, trolleys and a winch.

  1. Aluminium profile
  2. Rolling carts
    5G antenna support
  3. Rolling carts
    4G antenna support
  4. Clamps
  5. Sécurity clamps
  6. Winch


    1. Setting
      for compliance with connection access constraints
    2. Cable guide for fiber and power

Approved by our design office in line with Eurocode standards :
Critères EurocodesCritères EurocodesCritères Eurocodes
Support d'antennes 4G/5G

THe principLe
Maintenance du support antenne 5G coulissant


The installation principle of this sliding 5G antenna support remains the same as the previous model, the COULISS’UP Mimo. Do not hesitate to watch the video

adaptation kits 5G antenna support

To allow the installation of the new 5G antennas available on the market, we have developed parts adapted to the different antenna mountings. The standard kit is supplied with the COULISS’UP Evo. The other kits are available as an option.

Kit standard support antenne 5G coulissant

In the standard kit allows 2 types of fixings for the 5G antenna.
• 4 holes of 216×40 mm centers for Nokia antennas
• 4 holes of 360×40 mm centers for Ericson antennas

Kit 4514 and kit 4559
They allow the association of 5G and 4G antennas by a MIK

And the Kit 4712 allows the installation of the Nokia AEQE-I antenna




Kit adaptation antennes 5G Nokia AEQE ou Ericson + MIK Kathrein + 4G Huawei

5G Nokia AEQE or Ericson + MIK Kathrein + 4G Huawei


To learn more about the product and download the product sheet, assembling instructions or dwg cad files >> request a private access.



  • HHA 3.25m, 4m50 or 4m
  • Low visual impact
  • No work declaration needed
  • Design calculations included

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