Free standing bay supports – Bcube


free standing bay supports FOR 1 to 6 BCUBE

Our design office has validated several different configurations of free standing bay supports for Bcube, according to Eurocodes standards. You will find the solution to your needs: a base for 1 Bcube, 2 Bcubes side-by-side or stacked, 3 Bcubes side-by-side, 4 Bcubes side-by-side or stacked and 6 Bcubes stacked.


Example FOR 4 BCUBE

Galvanised steel structure

Self-supporting bay supports
Icones catalogue 2016-01Icones catalogue 2016-03Icones catalogue 2016-06Self-supporting bay supports
6 Plastimodul
2100×1600 surface area
Weight: 290 KG

Self-supporting bay supports
Icones catalogue 2016-02 Icones catalogue 2016-04 Icones catalogue 2016-05 Self-supporting bay supports
18 Plastimodul
2400×2100 surface area
Weight: 712 KG



  • Installation in 20 to 50 minutes by one person
  • Design calculations included
  • Each configuration exists in a fixed version (attached directly to the concrete slab)
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