DEAN® antenna supports – DCB Series


DEAN® upper clamp offset system

The Dean® system enables access to the antenna in complete safety. It avoids having to use ladders, anchor points and other costly systems.
Icones catalogue 2016-12

Icones catalogue 2016-12

The Dean® range meets all of your requirements:
The DCB system for attaching antennas up to 305mm wide to vertical supports, such as masts.
The DCB-ML series for attaching large width antennas (430 mm max).
The DCB-GL series for attaching very large width antennas (576 mm max).
The Dean® DCB enables a bigger antenna offset from the support, compared to the TCB, making it possible to set it apart from existing equipment.

Three heights are available depending on the type of antenna and required offset:
Dean® 150, Dean® 200 and Dean® 275.
Height: 1500, 2000 and 2750
Icones catalogue 2016-12



  • Safe antenna access
  • Avoids having to use ladders, anchorage points and other expensive systems
  • Visually concealed
  • Lightweight (between 8 and 28 Kg)
  • Extremely versatile, drillable
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