DEAN® antenna supports – PCB Series


DEAN® upper bracket offset system

The Dean® system enables access to the antenna in complete safety. It avoids having to use ladders, anchor points and other costly systems.
Icones catalogue 2016-12

Icones catalogue 2016-12

The Dean® range meets all of your requirements:
The PCB system for attaching antennas up to 305mm wide to towers.
The PCB-ML series for attaching large width antennas (430 mm max).
The PCB-GL series for attaching very large width antennas (576 mm max).
The Dean® DCB enables a bigger antenna offset from the support, compared to the TCB, making it possible to set it apart from existing equipment. Its hinge makes it possible to compensate for non-vertical support structures by up to 5°.

Three heights are available depending on the type of antenna and required offset:
Dean® 150, Dean® 200 and Dean® 275.
Height: 1500, 2000 and 2750
Icones catalogue 2016-12



  • Safe antenna access
  • Avoids having to use ladders, anchorage points and other expensive systems
  • Visually concealed
  • Lightweight (between 8 and 28 Kg)
  • Extremely versatile, extra drill-holes can be added
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