Since 2011, we have created a range of turnkey products to cope with installation constraints. We have earned the trust of our customers through products that suit their requirements, along with flexible and timely logistics.

Our different ranges:

  • Equipment supports (cabinets, RRU/RRH, electrical cabinets, Antennas)
  • Smart City (Connected objects, videosurveillance)
  • Safety (Guardrails, Ladders, Signage)
  • Towers (Towers, Telescopic masts)
  • BlueLine© (factice chimneys)
  • GreenLine© (factice vegetation)


Volx continues to extend its ranges in order to keep pace with developments in the radiocommunications field, and is currently working on the Smart City range, which includes supports for connected objects and videosurveillance equipment.


Equipment supports

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