Backlit triangular advertising totem pole


creation of a Backlit triangular advertising totem pole with a metal access platform on 2 levels

Study and creation of a backlit triangular advertising totem pole for the MAAF.

Totem pole’s interior is composed of:

  • A complexe metal structure with an antenna access platform inside the totem pole
  • A secondary composite structure on 2 levels for radio-transparency in front of the antennas

Triangular advertising totem pole

As for the totem pole’s covering, it’s composed of:

  • A Ø2000 H1400 radome on the base
  • And three 5500×4800 light boxes backlit by Modules Led periphery

As for the canvas, with the MAAF logo printed on it, it perfectly complies with the brand’s graphic charter.

Triangular advertising totem pole

3D plan

  • Location : Chauray
  • Year : 2018
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