VOLX Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux partener


Two original creations to represent birds nests

When the Volx competition was launched, Faïrouz saw it as a way to express her artistic side, get out of the everyday work and challenge her habits.

In charge of outsourcing purchases and overheads, Faïrouz doesn’t just have the numbers in her head!
She has left her overflowing imagination free and offers us those two products:

  • the 1st one, on the left, it is called “the nest on a 2.0 chimney“. It is made of Volx’s colors, and represent a nest on the most emblematic product of our society : a composite chimney
    Reproduced in miniature, from our workshop recovered materials and pushing the detail up to the door made in trompe l’oeil.  This first project focuses on the theme of industry.


  • In contrast, the 2nd nest called “Around the Nest” (to the right of the photo) is more artistic, more “nature”.
    Faïrouz gave free rein to her creativity. While remaining on the theme of birds, this 2nd creation, is considered around a convivial moment, sharing a good coffee cup. This work is therefore more colorful, more feminine, the nest is better supplied with a lot of feathers and twigs like some birds which provide a lot of energy to design an elaborate nest.


Nice rendering… those art objects circulate within the society…

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