Design and manufacture of solutions for radiocommunication installations

OUR Story

Since 1996

Volx has been creating visually and architecturally integrated installations for radiocommunication equipment and associated infrastructures. We have created several thousand sites of different styles and configurations in varied environments. Volx installations are manufactured entirely in our workshops, near Lyon (2270m2: manufacture of composite sheets, assembly, metalwork, decoration) or near Pau (1600m2: manufacture of composite sheets, tubes and tanks, moulding, assembly, decoration).

Since 2011

We have created a range of turnkey products to cope with installation constraints. We have earned the trust of our customers through products that suit their requirements, along with flexible and timely logistics.

Volx is extending its offering of freestanding products through our Plastimodul range and continuing to invest in product development to adapt to evolutions in the radiocommunication field.

Since 2018

With a hundred employees divided in its four subsidiaries, Volx exponential growing led it to move into new premises in Arnas. New premises for one common ambition between the four entities: Volx, Volx Holds, Luxov and Etip. From classic or connected climbing grips to piping, boilermaking and integration of mobile telephony sites, Volx success and expertise is boundless!

This new infrastructure symbolizes our achievement and will allow us to continue expanding our potential.

Our offering

Volx offers a range of products and services that provide solutions to the diverse requirements of concealment and architectural replicas.
With its unrivalled experience, Volx is constantly seeking appropriate technical and aesthetic solutions. Our experienced personnel can perform all of your structural design calculations (resistance to snow, wind, loads etc…) for all types of materials, including composite materials. We can therefore provide products of optimal size, while ensuring the durability of the structures we supply.

Volx products range from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions.  We are therefore able to design, manufacture and install equipment on ordinary buildings (tiles, slates, harling, etc…) as well as on heritage sites (statues, dormers or steeples for example). Whatever your needs, Volx will find the most cost-effective, high-quality solution in the shortest timeframe.

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