Our innovation, our clients’ success

Our clients are telecommunications professionals, operators, multi-technique solution providers, GSM-R, the Gazpar project (the first intelligent meter, an innovation by GrDF, the French gas distributor), and players in the Internet of Objects field.

Volx guarantees services and products to match our clients’ demands. All of the group’s personnel are committed to this. We see quality from two viewpoints:

Internal culture

The quality system at Volx stems from a continuous improvement approach. Each department is committed to this policy and our company’s quality promise: “Guaranteeing  our customers’ satisfaction”.

A commitment to service

We constantly measure and analyse our quality of service so as to ensure we keep our promises. Volx teams appreciate up front the number of variables involved in the project, with preventive analysis of the problems that might arise during the implementation phase.  They keep the customer informed of project progress, and take any and all steps to resolve potential problems.

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